Vol 1
Vol 1
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Vol. 1

By Susan O'Hara

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What is a friend? Does a brave friend have to be big? Mudu the squirrel lived in a den in an old oak tree named Hoga. Mudu's love for Hoga gave her the courage to help Hoga when his life was in danger. 

If you were this baby's father or mother what would you do? Baby Bird refuses to fly. He is just too comfortable to choose anything different. Life is all about change and Baby Bird is about to discover that branching out is a good thing! See what a whisper can do to get him in the AIR!

All the woodland folk depend upon one another. Mother bird needed help and asked for help from the Chief of the Raccoons. He gladly offered to assist watching over her nest. All the other animals knew what he had done and couldn't believe his story! You will be surprised by the outcome of his actions! Once you read the story talk it over and see how you feel.

Boys love to play. Didn't you as a young man? Now as a father, you need to understand thru play your son will learn. King Porteneair once was young and understands his son's need to play. King Porteneair also understands his son needs to be taught about leadership. The king's stories and songs are to teach Prince Wilbert wisdom. When his son does not listen to all of his lessons, life gallops in, and lessons are learned.

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